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Effing U.S. Gov. Assignment

Sooo, I had a U.S. Gov. Discussion thread that I had to do  I decided to post it in a blog because.... I don't know just because. The assignment description is in that weirdish blue color. My answer is in green. I already submitted the assignment so any thing I screwed up on I can't change. Hehe. And If you've read any of my other blogs and saw my marijuana blogs, shush lol this is school here, I have to take this somewhat serious. ANDDD I don't know if I'll post a real blog today because I have to do some cleaninggggggg.

Unit 3 Discussion Assignment #2: Federalism

Because of the overlapping nature of the powers in a federal system, there are often conflicts between the various levels of government.  This issue of education is one example of this.  What is another example of an issue that has become a problem because of differing ideas/laws from the state to the federal level? What is the current status of this issue today – is it still a problem?

2 examples, Same-sex marriage, and marijuana.


There are a lot of people who only see same-sex marriage as, sick, unholy, or just an act of rebellion. Most don't consider that being gay/bi/lesbian has been around for centuries and as time passes more and more people are becoming open with their lifestyles, and by making same-sex marriage illegal same-sex couples won’t be able to express their love the way any other heterosexual married couple would be able to. So while people are saying that its 'wrong' to take away freedom for things like talking on the phone while driving, and other minor 'rights'. Most of these same people fail to realize that making same-sex marriage illegal also takes   away their freedom.


Then there's, marijuana, it’s a drug, whether you're using it for a good purpose or not does not change what it is. It’s true there are more people who are abusing it for no reason at all. Many people say that by legalizing it and taxing it is a good plan, but then what? If that was to ever happen would it be a problem because the prices in certain places would be insanely high? Would those who abuse marijuana stick to buying it from dealers? And finally would people change their minds when they see more and more of the youth high because THEY wanted it legal? Legalizing marijuana is more than just unbanning it, there has to be a plan behind it to ensure that legalizing it isn’t a step in the wrong direction.


Although in certain locations the importance of these issues varies, both of these issues are still problems today.

What's your fantasy "geek" tech accessory?
1.) Um, a machine that can bring things from the computer to real life and a duplicate of myself who has all skills and the answers to all of my questions. Why? Well because I would be able to play out video games on a life size replica of any game! Boom Shackalacka!!!

2.)Then a gamers laptop that's CLEAR with a glowing keyboard and a terabyte of memory. Imagine the freak out session everyone who seen it would have. 

3.)A jet pack with gps (lol). Easy transportation... without getting lost. Or I could just drop water balloons on pedestrians! Mwhahah!

4.)A voice changer that can also translate speech.  Perfect for prank calls, and an easy way to avoid people.

5.)An cloaking device (invisibility cloak). To both hide, and to combine with #4 for the best halloween EVER!

6.)One of those computers from NCIS that LLCoolJ was using. Words can't describe how amazing that would be hehe.

Writer's Block: It Is What It Is

What oft-repeated quote or common cliché do you find the most annoying when someone says it to you?
'Don't hate the player hate the game.' Wtf? Now I hate both of you.
'...Never mind its nothing' Then why bother interrupting me?

Writer's Block: Clock Punching

What was your first job?
Telemarketer.. Worst karma EVER! You know those people that call your house... then you hang up in their face.. That was me! Haha

Writer's Block: Doh!

What is the dumbest thing you've ever done?
I was in the bathroom (don't be sick) and I saw something flying in the shower. So I closed the curtain to keep it away. It wasn't until after I left that I realized.. It could just fly over the curtains.

Writer's Block: As the Cookie Crumbles

If you ran the fortune cookie factory, what message would you make sure gets put in a cookie?
'That thing you did last night. She hated it.'
Haha, if only.....

Excited For Nothing Hehe!

Oh Em Gee! Guess what!!!

So after I saw that video from that ignorant black guy I commented....

BabyGurlStayFly (1 day ago)
She won. It wasn't rigged so that Beyonce would lose, she won because more people could relate to her video.
And even if she didn't win, come on its Beyonce.... Shes gotten lots of awards, and shes a good singer so its not like this is her last shot at an award.

AND I got two thumbs up!!! Lol it may be nothing to you but let me say this... I've had my youtube account since I was like 13 (I'm 17) and that whole entire time I've only commented on like 3 videos and what USUALLY happens is

A.) My comment is ignored.
B.) My comment is deleted. (I was supporting on of my fav. youtubers and the douchbag deletes my comment)

So call me silly but you don't know how I feel. Lol


Writer's Block: Touch-Screen Pros & Cons

How could touch-screen technology enhance the way you currently use your PC? How could it make things worse?
I think it would be cool for games. XD. But on the other hand there would be lots of finger prints.... And I would be way too distracted to focus on my work.

Embarrassing Yourself

Hola, well since I didn't watch the VMAs I was completely clueless as to why so many people were talking about Kanye West and Taylor Swift..... UNTIL today, I got onto youtube and watched all these reactions to it and FINALLY got the chance to see the video (end of blog), and wow. Just wow. Doesn't matter if he was drinking or not he had no right, and in my opinion she was way to calm.

So after I had gotten over the fact that he would actually do that, I decided what the heck, why not go and watch one more reaction video. And I stumbled upon a video of a stupid black guy saying 'FUCK THE VMA'S THEY AINT NOTHIN BUT SOME RACIST BITCHES' (Copied from his description), and 'Taylor Swift Didn't deserve that award', 'Shes lucky I wasn't there', and some other nonsense about him hitting her... First off people! Just because YOU don't listen to a certain type of music DOES NOT mean that everyone singing a different type of music is undeserving of an award. And second, did you see Beyonce complaining because she didn't get it? NO. Do you know why? Because, shes gotten lots of awards, and she is a good singer, SO THIS IS NOT THE END OF HER CAREER! She isn't ruined and the VMAs aren't racist.

To tell you the truth I definitely think Taylor deserved it, single ladies is a GREAT song, but its just dancing. Taylor's video had a lot more meaning to it. It was cute, without swimsuits (that's what im considering Beyonce's outfit as hehe) and fancy dance moves, and its more believable.

I couldn't resist making this blog, it just shows how low people really are. And there's treats... VIDEOS!!

Kanye West Stealing Taylor's Moment... (Thanks to the uber awesum Phillip DeFranco)

The deck who claimed VMAs were racist.

You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift

Single ladies - Beyonce

Well would you look at that I made a blog that isn't me filled with rage against my family.... YAY ME!!! *claps*

August 26th 2009

.The Title.
I know its a little confusing, and yes today is Aug., 20th 2009. Six days from today is my grandma's birthday, and August the 3rd was my grandpa's birthday. I love my grandparents, and I try to show it as much as I can because any day could be their last. I KNOW the same goes for anyone but I feel like I have the strongest feeling for my grandparents. I'm actually excited about the 26th though, we didn't get to do anything for my grandpa so we're cooking a surprise dinner for them to celebrate both birthdays! My mom thought of it first, but I think I'm more excited about it than she is.

.Back to the present.
Well my brother and his cow started school today, I'm so glad I could cry hehe. I'll eventually start school... (still suspended L.o.l).  Everything makes me feel emotional, well full of passion.  My brother is almost like a disease it gets worse, and worse, until eventually there's no turning back. I don't know what to feel about him... First it was pity, then it was just plain hate. And his cow of a girlfriend Isn't helping my opinion. That's another topic.

.Personal pep..talk.
I Hate staying where I am, It feels like I'm being held back, like I'm missing out on life. There's so much out there for me so many opportunities, yet I'm surrounded by negative people. I've had more than a few of my friends who have told me that what is just a dream, or that's never going to happen. What should I do when I'm up against the fence? Do I fight back Or do I turn My back on everyone and go in on my own? Turning my back seems right, leave to get what I want the return to prove everyone wrong. Either way all the negative things that seem too keep attacking me won't get to me, no matter what it takes I'll get what I want.

It's sort of funny how parents always say 'I want to give my child what I didn't have.' and half of those parents end up being the parents with no back bone. My moms like that she's so worried about what we think about her to stand up for what she wants. She lets my brother walk all over her, like the dog situation, he got a pup from his girlfriend, the dog got mange and she had it taken away which makes sense because anyone of us could have gotten scabies. Yuck. THEN not even a week later he asked for another dog, she said no, but of course after awhile she said yes. What did she get out of this? A dog that he BARELY takes care of. AND he doesn't have the money to pay for the dogs needs. If she really wants to give us a better life In my opinion she should try to give herself a better life. Instead she's becoming her own bully, she puts herself in positions where she's not the one in charge. 

.The cow & the mutt.
Brittany and my brother. Brittany recently moved in with us because her family hasn't been paying bills(drugs involved somewhere in there). And instead of her staying with her family, she slowly moved in with us. In your average  situation I GUESS this is considered ok, BUT not now, she eats like a COW. She gets money every month, and she won't help out my mom with bills, food, or cleaning, and she doesn't cook. She just sits around on her fat ass bum. Which brings me to a fact. She's using my brother. They've broken up numerous times, but because their gas or some other bill was off she begged him to take her back. She knows hes cheating, she even says that she hates him.

.I'm sorry.
I really am.. All my blogs are rude or boring or just plain sad. I don't like half more than half of the people I associate with. And I complain a lot... OK I'm going to TRY to posting about the present and future only.. I'll only post updates and things that happened the date I post.. To cut down on half of my drama

I'm now where near done but I need to end this blog.